1. Contract must be signed and dated when horse(s) is dropped off.
  2. Helmets are mandatory.
  3. Horses are here at your risk.  We endeavor to take the utmost care of your horse but accidents happen.  Any vet bills are paid by the owner.
  4. Quarter Oaks uses Vet Equine Otago.
  5. If your horse does have an accident we will contact you immediately.
  6. You may visit your horse any time - but because we have dogs and our own horses we ask that you do not bring your dog and all young children are closely supervised.
  7. Fences are electric.  Again - young children need close supervision.
  8. You may take photo's of your horse - but no photo's of other peoples horses unless they give permission.
  9. No photo's to go on social media unless permission is given.