Stewart offers a variety of opportunities depending on your level of ability.

The following lessons are available:

  • Ground skills – keeping yourself safe.
  • Advanced ground skills – having fun and working towards goals.
  • Liberty – (must have good ground skills first).
  • Freestyle riding – loose rein riding and preparation for bareback and bridleless riding.
  • Hacking – going out for a ride either on the road or trail ride.
  • Finesse Riding – for those who have achieved the necessary 'natural foundation' and are considering competitive dressage or western.


Stewart takes the time it takes to start a horse. It is all done naturally. Owners are welcome to watch the entire process if they wish and can visit their horses whenever they want.

The starting process involves basic ground games, saddling, bridling, float loading, road work and small trail rides. When your horse is ready to go home it will have a good foundation for any discipline and be able to walk, trot and canter on a loose rein, back-up and go sideways both on the ground and ridden. They will be used to flapping coats and plastic bags, balls and dogs.

Prior to the horse returning home we require you spend the weekend with Stewart to ensure that both you and your horse are on the same page. Accommodation is available at our home.

Trailer loading & problem solving


We don’t all necessarily start out with our perfect horse or partnership and sometimes we come across problems we just don’t currently have the knowledge to deal with safely. For many horses and their owners this misunderstanding can results in confusion, distress, fear, anger or potential injury. This is where Stewart can help.

Stewart has the back ground and experience to help you and your horse to deal with and overcome a number of issues whether it is tying up, float loading, herd bound or another issue.