What arrangements do I need to make for my horse to come visit?

Before your horse comes to Quarter Oaks for starting or helping we suggest the following:

  • Ring us and have a good chat about what your require.
  • Ask us about how long we may expect the horse to be here?
  • Ask us about costs - we need to ensure this fits into your expectations and budget.
  • Tell us about your horses dietary requirements - does it need special feed, is it grass affected, do you regularly feed special vitamins and minerals?
  • Tell us if your horse is used to being by itself or running with others.
  • Come and meet us and make sure you feel comfortable with us as well as the environment.
  • We will have a contract for you to read prior to final decisions being made.

Next Step - what to bring

Once you are happy that you would like Quarter Oaks to assist you with your horse it is time to drop it off.

  • If your horse requires special minerals and vitamins - we recommend you bring these.
  • If your horses requires any special feed other than hay, chaff and nuts we recommend you bring this.
  • If your horse is covered please ensure this is included.
  • Don't forget the halter.
  • And do not forget to bring the contract signed and dated.

Can I Come and See my Horse?

This is a definite yes.  

We like all our clients to come and see their horses anytime - you do not have to ring as this is your horse.

If you want to be involved in the process of either Starting, Helping through an issue or Equine Touch - please let us know and we will endeavor to let you know prior to us working with your horse so you can be there.

Before my Horse Goes Home

Before you take your horse home we will always sit down with you and go through what we have done.

For horses that have come for starting - we highly recommend that you spend minimum of one, but ideally 2 days with Stewart.  He will show you what he has done and then get you to do the same.

For horses that are here for help, depending on what this is - Stewart will show you what he has done and then get you to carry out the process - this may be loading your horse onto a float, riding a horse that used to buck, picking up its feet for the farrier.

For horses that have visited for Equine Touch sessions - Karen will talk through and show you relevant exercises if required to help your horse through the injury or issue and then get you to perform the exercises.