Recovering From Injury

As many of you will know in November 2016 I broke the flexor tendon attached to my left little finger.  Yes - little finger seems very minor - but unfortunately is very important for grip and that tendon is attached to the muscle running down the inside of my arm - hence very little grip and no arm strength.  

How did I break it you ask - well Pat always says "hands that close slowly - open quickly".  In my case a horse we had not long purchased went to take off and instead of letting him go and frighten the others and himself with the rope flying around I chose to hold on, rope slid through my hand catching the tendon on the way - needless to say horse and rope flew around the paddock.  

2 surgery's later I am now well on the road to recovery and fingers crossed (just cause I can now) I am going to get clearance in the next week to start playing with the horses again.

After my first surgery in March 2017 I made the decision not to ride and only play on the ground with Dee, Merrick and GG as a few things happened and I realized I did not have the strength in my arm or the confidence that I would not do further damage.  Now 3 1/2 months after my second surgery I am chaffing at the bit - or so they say - to get back and start playing with the horses.  I have not been allowed to do anything with them that could involve them pulling on me and risk snapping the tendon joins.

I decided after spending at least a week sitting on my butt watching it grow bigger as I trolled my way through as many sci-fi tv series I could find - that if I carried on like this, especially having 6 weeks off work, I was going to be in no fit state in any shape for form to get back on a horse when the time came.  So what could I do?